Meet our 2019-2020 President-Elect: Sueli Tovar-Villarreal

I joined the Junior League of Harlingen (JLH), like many, to volunteer and give back to my community. Growing up, my Mother was an active member of the American Red Cross and instilled in me at an early age the spirit of volunteerism. I have served within my church community for as long as I can remember and after I returned home from college I wanted to find an organization to expand the impact of my efforts in my community.

I was drawn to JLH because I saw the opportunities to connect with other women from different backgrounds and varied interests. Anytime JLH women come together you will find a room full of women in all different stages of their lives with diverse perspectives. I quickly learned that great things happen when this highly motivated group of women come together to reach a common goal.


What I did not anticipate were all the ways JLH would help me in my own personal growth and development.  JLH allows me to broaden my horizons in ways neither my job nor other social circles has allowed. It has provided me opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and develop important skills in leadership, fundraising, organizing events and even grant writing.

In addition to personal growth, I have made lifelong friendships with so many women. Our friendships continue to grow as we welcome new members, organize events, and work on projects to benefit our community.  The support these women have added to my life is invaluable.


We are looking for women who want to make a difference in our community! Join us Thursday, July 25th to learn more about Junior League of Harlingen and meet current members. We look forward to having you!