Meet our 2019-2020 President: Tiffany Albury

Tiffany was born and raised in Harlingen, Texas. Tiffany received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Southwest Texas State University. She has been in Education for the past 16 years teaching English, the last past 6 of which have brought her home to dear Ole’ HHS. In 2003, she joined The Junior League of Harlingen, and after becoming an active the following year was assigned the Chair Position of RioFest Liaison. Tiffany also served on The RioFest, Board of Directors from 2003-2005, as Teen Board Sponsor, and Co-Chair for the Drink Booths. In 2006, Tiffany's career took her out of Harlingen for the next 7 years. During this time away from Harlingen she met and married her husband Joseph another Harlingen native, and the couple have two beautiful little girls, Gwendolyn Ann and Kathryn Colleen. After 7 years in Austin, the Alburys decided to return to Harlingen and be closer to family. Tiffany reinstated her membership to League, joining the Kid Fit Vendors Committee in 2015, exec called her up to serve as Secretary-Elect, Secretary, President-Elect and she now serves as JLH’s President. Outside of JLH Tiffany is a member of The Harlingen Area Panhellenic Alumni Association, The Chi Omega Alumnae Association where she serves The Area Recommendation Information Chair, and a member of the Rotary Club of Harlingen serving as the foreign exchange student campus counselor, and Harlingen High School’s Rotary Interacts Sponsor. The Junior of League of Harlingen affords Tiffany with an avenue to make lifelong friends and give back to her community.


Why I joined JLH:
As a little girl I would join my mom and the other JLH women downtown at The Junior League building as they would have meetings or getting ready for Charity Ball, RioFest, Thrift Shop or any numerous events community events they put on in the 80’s. I knew as a little girl this group of women were a force. The JLH women were my heroes in the 1980’s and the JLH women of today continue to amaze me.  

When I moved back to Harlingen in 2003, I knew I wanted to be a part of the legacy that was JLH. From doing our Provisional hours at the pediatric-unit at Valley Baptist, to the countless hours at RioFest, JLH has lit my community service fire. It has taught me that I am truly fulfilled when I am giving back to my community.

I’m grateful the wonderful leadership skills I’ve received from the training and conferences. Not only broadening my abilities in JLH, but in my personal and professional career. Anytime I am around my JLH sisters you know we will get something that needs to be done, and have a great time doing it. The lifelong friendships of these wonderful women have enriched my life and made my passion for community service a true delight. We’ve Got This!


We are looking for women who want to make a difference in our community! Join us Thursday, July 25th to learn more about Junior League of Harlingen and meet current members. We look forward to having you!